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Stained Wine Crate

Nowadays, people are storing wines less and less as they are being made to last and mature for shorter periods before being drunk. Thus, large wine cellars are becoming more of a thing of the past and wine crates, racks and shelves are much more sought after.

Wine crates themselves can also be stacked and bolted onto a wall, making them a perfect large-scale storage method as well, even under awkwardly spaced staircases.

If the solution required is to put the crates against the wall, let us know so that we can supply them to you correctly for fitting.
Wooden wine crates are the most sought after, with hundreds of different sizes, designs and even shapes. The standard wine crate holds 12 bottles, which is enough for most people’s weekly to monthly consumption, depending on the size of their household.

That said, if a client needs a custom sized wine crate, they can simply inform us of the measurements and we will manufacture it accordingly.

The largest wooden crates usually hold 20 bottles, since a larger need is typically met by joining two 12 bottle crates.

Wood Stains Offered