Custom Designs

winecrate table

A stylish wine crate table

Many of our clients want either their wine crates to have custom measurements (height, width or depth) or want some kind of wooden crate that does not fit the standard dimensions. Examples are crates with thicker or thinner sides and inner slats, or crates that fit 20 bottles instead of the normal 12 bottles. We also receive all kinds of requests regarding leaving out or including certain parts of the crates, such as the inner slats. Our manufacturing cycle allows us to readily change the size and structure of the wine crates we can produce, leaving everything up to your imagination.

Even the type of wood can be altered to the kind you wish, provided that we can locate it. Generally, strong and high quality pine is used, with the edges sanded or rounded and the correct colour painted or stained in. In the staining there is also a great deal of choice, with the dark and light stains being the most popular, however other staining or varnishing is also possible.
If you wish to stencil some design or text onto your wine crate, rack or box, you can expect the costs to increase. The same goes for most of the customisations that wine crates can undergo. Once you’ve told us what you want, we can quickly send you a quote for payment to start.

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winecrate drawer

A rope handle on a wine box